Brady Blackner

Brady Blackner is the Owner of Uinta Precision Tactical LLC. Brady looked at the firearms industry and saw a need for more education and training. This need was clear as more and more attention is being placed on the firearms place in society. The need for individuals to be educated, competent, and confident shooters has never been greater. Brady noticed this type of training is often very expensive and often time out of reach of the everyday individual looking to improve upon their skillsets. He has set out to bring high quality, highly interactive, and experienced backed training to the everyday shooter at a price point that is manageable. The training UPT offers is beneficial to all levels of shooters. Classes range from fundamentals to advanced tactics and are carefully developed to begin a pattern of growth within the students. This pattern of growth will take the students from beginners to advanced shooters, should they choose to pursue it.

Brady, as all UPT instructors bring an invaluable amount of real-world experience to the table while teaching. Brady has 10 years of law enforcement experience in various roles. These roles include patrol officer, Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), defensive tactics instructor, SWAT team operations at all levels, tactical operations scouting and planning, Chemical Munitions instructor (Defense Technology), Noise Flash Diversion Device (NFDD) instructor, and much more. All UPT instructors draw from real world experience while instructing students, using both law enforcement and military backgrounds.

Chet Showalter

Chet’s experience includes nearly 22 years of military service as a U.S. Navy FMF Hospital Corpsman and as a USAF Aerospace Medical Technician. During his career he was assigned to USMC combat units and USN Sea Bee units and deployed to Iraq in support of OIF/OEF. He retired from the UTANG as a Master Sergeant and the Flight NCOIC of a homeland response unit responsible for mass casualty incidents in FEMA Region VIII.

His 17 year LE career includes 14 years with the Layton City Police Department as a Field Training Officer, Motor Officer, Motor Instructor, Emergency Vehicle Instructor, and 13 years as a team member of the Layton City and North Davis Metro Swat teams.

Chet is currently serving as a Sergeant with the Weber County Sheriff's Office. He continues to ride and instruct Motors, Field Training Officer, and is a part 107a certified UAS pilot.

Wade Hunt

Wade is an important addition to the UPT instructor team. Wade is a massive outdoor enthusiast and a avid hunter of big and small game. Wade brings the skill of long range and precision shooting to the table as well as a plethora of different skill sets. These skill sets include, overland travel, survival, preparation, bushcraft, reloading and load development, as well as much needed mechanical skills both conventional and unconventional. Wade is an important part of the UPT team and is as humble as they come.

Adam Stever

Adam Stever is a Utah state certified conceal firearm permit instructor. As a military veteran with experience in the special operations world, serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment, he brings real-world experience utilizing many different weapon systems for a variety of situation(s). From carbine, to handgun, to long rifle he has trained a variety of firearms. He is a big game hunter who always enjoys the peace and quiet in the beautiful mountains of Utah. He is a strong believer in being a teacher and a student always.

Adam Osoro

Adam is a state certified Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun instructor / armorer with over 20 years of full-time law enforcement experience.  Adam has served in a variety of police assignments including patrol, investigations, motors, firearms, and  D.A.R.E.  Adam is well versed in both offensive and defensive weapons tactics, firearm handling and safety, building clearing, and first-level medical response and field trauma care.  As an NRA instructor, Adam has seen a variety of different teaching styles and can adapt to most learning opportunities involving both novice and veteran shooters.  He always enjoys meeting new people at the range and knows the value of collaborating and training in a team environment.

Wyatt Marshall

Active-duty Street crimes detective with seven years law enforcement experience including patrol, executive protection, TPO, SWAT, narcotics and fugitive apprehension. I am a duty class competition shooter, outdoor survival enthusiast, I enjoy backcountry backpacking, fly fishing, cougar hunting and exploring. Trained with several top tier SWAT teams and military units throughout my career for building clearing, CQB operations and high-risk extractions and apprehension.