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Uinta Precision Tactical

Uinta Precision Tactical is a growing small business, working hard to compete against large box store chains. Our customers come first and we pride ourselves on making sure you find exactly what you have in mind. We are an FFL dealer and aim to provide you with the best price point possible on some of the best optics, firearms, training and gear you can purchase.

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Uinta Precision Tactical

Uinta Precision Tactical is a local small business and firearms dealer. We take pride in providing the best firearms, ammo, and accessories. We aim to bring the best service possible to our customers. Not only do we sell firearms, ammo, and accessories at a great price point, we offer courses to assist shooters who would like to improve upon their skill level and move beyond bench rest shooting and plinking. We offer options that will give you the foundation and confidence needed to pursue a much higher level of training and ability. Here at UPT, we seek to strengthen an individual's abilities by teaching exactly what their platform is capable of and how to master it.

Brady Blackner

Brady Blackner is the Owner of Uinta Precision Tactical LLC. Brady looked at the firearms industry and saw a need for more education and training. This need was clear as more and more attention is being placed on the firearms place in society. The need for individuals to be educated, competent, and confident shooters has never been greater. Brady noticed this type of training is often very expensive and often time out of reach of the everyday individual looking to improve upon their skillsets. He has set out to bring high quality, highly interactive, and experienced backed training to the…

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Google Reviews

We always love hearing from our customers. Here are a few of our reviews!

"I had a great experience at Uinta Precision Tactical. Brady was very helpful, he took the time to answer my questions. He is very knowledgeable and found the right gun for me. I plan on using him for all my gun, accessories and ammo purchases."

"Great experience at Uinta precision tactical. Brady is professional, knowledgeable and all-around just a good guy. I would definitely buy from Brady again."

"Brady is very knowledgeable, great customer service, I would definitely recommend him, I will keep buying from him."

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From basic pistol to basic rifle courses we offer solutions to individuals looking to gain confidence, and get comfortable running their weapon systems. Once finished with our courses you will be comfortable, confident, and capable with the weapons system of your choice.

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