Utah State Concealed Carry Cert. Course (TBD)

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Utah State Concealed Weapons Permit Course

Date to be decided. (Upcoming)

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This course will meet the requirements of the State of Utah. This course is taught by UPT instructor Adam Stever who is a former Army Ranger with the 75th and Utah State certified CCW course instructor. He will take the time to teach you all of the required information as well as the information you need to know to be a responsible CCW holder.  Your fingerprints will be taken in class and your Utah State CCW application will be stamped by Adam once the course is finished. This course is both informative and fun, and all who take it have a good time and leave with a good experience. Adam teaches this course in a way no one else does. If you've ever wanted to get your Utah State CCW, or if you've let it lapse, this course will take care of it all.