Ceridium Armor Plates

Uinta Precision Tactical has partnered up with Kihomac, a Department of Defense Aero Space Engineering company, to become a dealer for the Armor plates they currently make. These plates are NIJ-certified (National Insititute of Justice) armor plates and offer unrivaled Level IV protection. The name of the armor is Ceridium, an it is top shelve armor.

The Ceridium level IV plate is the highest level of protection offered on the market today. These plates are wrapped in a thermoplastic polyurethane spall cover. This cover makes them waterproof and mildew-proof, as well as acting as padding on the plate making it extremely comfortable. Each plate is lightweight weighing 7 lbs. These plates are multi-curve plates made in a SAPI cut style. Each plate is rated for multiple hits and has a ceramic composite construction.

Kihomac's plates are currently being used by both US military and Law Enforcement entities. Kihomac is an American company and the armor is produced right here in Utah in Layton City. When you're buying armor to protect yourself, don't take shortcuts and buy items that are cheaply made or made overseas. Buy American-made and give yourself confidence that you are protected by the best components money can buy.

You can see these armor plates listed on our website.