Teen who stabbed couple entered random unlocked home intent on attacking anyone, police say

Training points: The world is a crazy place. More lawless by the day it seems. Where communities used to not have to lock their doors, now must lock and deadbolt them for protection. Listen the news is full of crazy stories from home invasions like the one above to shootings, robberies, and abductions. Don't let it happen to you. Take the proper precautions whether your at home or out with your family. Don't be naive to the fact that there are people in the general public that are just bad people and may want to hurt you or take whats yours for themselves.


Some things to consider while at home. Keep your doors locked, install a ring door bell so you can see who is at your door. Do not open the door for anyone you do not know. fortify your main entry points with after market locks. Keep your out door lights on at night, and leave some light on in the house even when you're not home or while sleeping. Consider a dog, as they act as a deterrent for many criminals. Speak to your family members about do's an dont's and have protocols for unknown or dangerous situations.

Do you have items (weapons, blades, or firearms) to protect yourself and those you love? Are you confident enough in your ability to use them? Listen, its not enough to have these items. While it may bring a sense of comfort knowing you have them, have you really put thought in to what it would mean to have to use them, or what skill level it would require? My advise, seek training on your weapon system of choice. There are plenty of good options now days from self defense training to firearms training. Do all you can to become a hard target, and be ready to protect those that depend on you for protection. Perfect you craft! Harden your body! Ready yourself for the unpredictable dangerous world we live in. Don't let yourself become a victim or a statistic. Its never to late to start learning these things and bettering yourself.