UPT is Now Direct with Tisas USA

Uinta Precision Tactical is now a direct dealer for Tisas USA. Tisas firearms are made in Turkey much like the brand Canik. They offer an assortment of different 1911 pistols from the iconic 1911A1 Army to their flag ship the 1911 Night Stalker. These 1911s are an amazing value and you get so much more for your money purchasing one of their pistols. You can see what Tisas offers at https://tisasusa.com/ If there is anything you like we are more than happy to bring something in for you.

Being a dealer for Tisas has also given us access to Military Armament Corporation or MAC as well. This company offers semi-auto shotguns that are amazing and will not break the bank. One of their biggest sellers is a direct competitor to the Benelli M4 platform, only at a fraction of the cost. You can see these shotguns on our website as well as we try to keep them in stock. 

For any of your Tisas needs, reach out and contact Uinta Precision Tactical.