UPTs First Course On the Way.

UPT is Rolling Out Training Courses!


On June 24th  of 2023, Uinta Precision Tactical is rolling out its first of many training courses. We are introducing the Tier 3 Defensive Pistol Fundamentals Course. This course will introduce the shooter to the world of defensive pistol and gun fighting. The course will focus on essential fundamentals of shooting for example the shooter's stance, draw from the holster, grip, firearm presentation, footwork, marksmanship, and roundpi placement. The course will dive into information pertaining to equipment selection, firearm nomenclature, information processing, and mindset. 

This course will be a 6-8 hour live fire course, with a lot of instruction. This course is designed to teach those interested in learning to use their firearm in a defensive nature to do so with confidence. This course will open your mind to a new world of possibilities and capabilities. We will give you drills you can take home and use to further your progress and ready yourself for the Tier 2 defensive pistol course. You will leave a better shooter armed with new information and techniques to make you a more confident and capable shooter. 

You will soon be able to register for this course on the website. We are making the needed modifications to the website to get the training and courses section up and running. The course will be 200$ per slot, and there will be a limited number of slots available. This course will require 250-300 rounds to complete the course of fire. Once the course is complete you will receive a completion certificate from UPT stating you have completed the course and are qualified to take more advanced courses down the road offered by UPT.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Tier 3 course. You can contact us directly at the moment to reserve your spot until the website is ready to rock.