Tier III Defensive Handgun Fundamentals in the Books

On July 8th, 2023 Uinta Precision Tactical completed the company's first training course. The course was offered to the public and was a huge success. The course was UPT's Tier III Defensive Handgun Fundamentals course. This course focuses on the shooter's foundation by teaching proper stance, grip, draw stroke, and trigger pull. It also builds upon those fundamentals by venturing into speed reloads, marksmanship, proper round placement on target, and lateral movement. It's a great course for anyone looking to cut their teeth in the world of gun fighting. this course is also great for those looking to brush up on the fundamentals or those shooters who are looking to stay proficient in their craft.

This course was a full course. We had 11 students attend the course. The students ranged from beginners to competition shooters. UPT instructors did an amazing job in this course and everyone was able to leave the course a better shooter. UPT received some fantastic feedback from the students about the course. The way in which the course is instructed is unique, to say the least. They are able to successfully merge the world of gun fighting with a learning environment. They do this y drawing upon their experience in Law Enforcement and military operations. By incorporating real-world experience, the students gain a new perspective on training and leave the course with a deep understanding of the real-world consequences of their actions when using a firearm, as well as the level of proficiency one must obtain to be effective.

UPT is planning on more courses in the very near future and will drop more course dates in the weeks to come. These instructors are happy to assist in private training as well as public training. Until then stay tuned for the soon-to-drop new course dates.