Uinta Precision Tactical Enters the Market

UPT has entered the firearms and training sector of the market. Uinta Precision Tactical is a small business attempting to grow and compete with much larger businesses. With this in mind UPT aims to bring the best service possible to the consumer. For example, the three courses listed below are courses developed with the new shooter in mind. UPT has taken time to consider the new firearms owner and individual new to shooting while developing these courses. The courses start very basic with the class room only introduction to firearms, which covers all the basics of firearms ownership as well as expectations. This course covers things such as proper grip and stance, firearms storage, fire arms care, types of ammunition and their benefits, fire arms terminology, firearms accessories and much more.

The next course is a basic concealed carry course, which aims to give an individual who is both new to carrying a firearm or an individual who has carried for years, an opportunity to learn from prior military and law enforcement instructors on solid and proven practices while carrying firearms. The course covers draw strokes from concealed carry, legal discussion, appropriate dress and considerations while carrying a firearm, live courses of fire, practical application of force and use of lethal force, as well as what to expect should you have to use your firearm in day to day life.

The third course offered by UPT is a basic rifle/carbine course. This course covers everything an individual should know to become confident with their rifle/carbine of choice. The course covers proper care, cleaning and storage, proper zeroing of the weapon, nomenclature, live fire exercises, marksmanship, stance, footwork, basic movement, rhythm drills, weapon transitions, as well as reloads and malfunctions. An individual taking this course will leave feeling confident in their ability to use and work their weapon system in both a defensive and offensive manner.

UPT has taken great care to develop these courses as to no be intimidating to the individual just starting out. UPT has developed these course to assist in building an individuals ability gradually. UPT is looking to increase the firearm owners knowledge and safety, while expanding the shooters ability. These courses have been priced affordably as to encourage participation. UPT believes the more knowledge a shooter has, the safer and  more confident the shooter will become.